About Us

Divas Treasure Closet (DTC) is a luxury, designer, and vintage e-commerce business. Our goal is to make luxury more affordable and accessible.
Divas Treasure Closet began about 20 yrs ago with the selling of college textbooks, designer baby clothes, and various other items acquired at estate, church, and garage sales. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service, speedy shipment, and authentic luxury and designer goods. Our items range from brand new with tags/box to vintage. We are open to selling in many categories but focus on Luxury, Designer, and Vintage. Our shoe and purse categories are our biggest sellers.
Divas Treasure Closet is striving to support a more sustainable fashion industry by reusing, upcycling, and reducing waste.
Divas Treasure Closet allows everyday people the ability to afford designer and luxury goods. No debt or guilt required.